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Benn Fineman

Classes: Full Body Bootcamp

Benn Fineman is a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, exercise physiologist, and functional strength coach in Philadelphia. Benn is a Pennsylvania native, and earned a B.S. in Kinesiology from Penn State University.  He is currently the owner of fitness company, Intuitive Roots LLC in which he trains clients under the 3 pillar approach: Build the Body, Grow the Mind, Pursue your Passions. He’s worked in corporate, commercial, private, and community fitness settings in the NYC and Philadelphia areas since 2009. As a former athlete, Benn has always valued fitness as an important part of his life. Staying in top condition both physically and mentally for activities such as snowboarding, rock climbing, and mountain biking give Benn purpose in his approach to training. Functional strength, cardiovascular conditioning, mobility, longevity, and injury prevention are major factors in the style of training he provides to his clients. A workout with Benn will push you to your limits, while providing countless options to modify intensity when things start to get beyond your current abilities. You will grow a little stronger and a little more confident after each session!

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