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Miranda Guerra

Classes: Full Body Bootcamp, Total body HIIT

Miranda grew up in a very small town in Central Illinois and moved to Nashville in 2012. She wasn’t sure how she’d like the city life but she loves it here and couldn’t imagine moving back! Growing up, health and fitness were not a priority or something she grew up learning about. It actually wasn’t until 2013 when she met her now husband, Travis, that they started to pursue their health and fitness together as a hobby. Through the years, Miranda has made tremendous changes in her lifestyle to be the best steward of her body and health. As her transformation was happening, she started helping others in taking steps towards prioritizing their health which quickly became a passion that drove her to becoming a Personal Trainer so she could best serve those around her. She is motivated and fueled by getting to play a part in changing lives through reclaimed health, energy and overall happiness! In her HITT classes, she loves to bring a great core burner with a punch of power strength and cardio! She will always push you to give your best and finish strong!

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