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I have had the pleasure of attending dozens of SWT-LIVE classes and absolutely love them! As a fitness coach myself, I can appreciate the thought that goes into programming that completely kicks my butt but it’s even more impressive that it’s choreographed so well that I don’t realize how hard I’ve worked until the end! The fun personalities and passion of the instructors also makes the classes go by even faster. Finally, the classes are scaled to allow for the beginner and the fittest among us to both get a great workout without any risk of injury. I highly recommend SWT-LIVE and look forward to seeing you in class with me! 

Mike Moore

Spring Hill, TN

The classes are just what I want and need in my busy day. A quick 30 minute butt-kicking workout that not only tones and tightens but also makes me feel amazing afterwards. The instructors push me and are so positive. I tell all my friends to join me because it’s just such a fun way to do something together even though we are all across the country.


Houston, TX

Amazing trainers virtually in my home for a tough, efficient, and fun workout? Yes please! I love the convenience and safety of working out in my own home without needing any equipment except the internet. Plus it has helped me connect with friends all over the country to workout together and challenge each other. Adding these classes to my normal workout routine gives me something to look forward to every week. Can't wait to try different kinds of classes and new trainers. I love SWT-LIVE!


Greater Philadelphia

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