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T'Lark Galeas

Classes: Yoga HIIT

With a gypsy spirit and the heart of a wolf, T’Lark is a 200Hr RYT Yoga Instructor specializing in primal movement, Buti Yoga and intuitive movement. Her classes offer a new way of connecting to your body, mind and spirit by using movement as a form of medicine and meditation. Through these classes she guides you to tap into your third eye center all while keeping you rooted into that deep sacral space of knowing. She uses her connection with the spirit of animals,  especially the wolf,  to teach the ways in which we were once closer to the earth, to connect us to the teachings of the moon and her phases, and to pull together a community of wild hearts and souls sharing wisdom and knowledge, ultimately creating a strong, empowered, magical Wolfpack! T’Lark has been on her yoga journey for many years, starting in her childhood. “The practice and pack I found through yoga truly changed and saved my life. It truly is an ever evolving journey however it remains consistent in that it continues to change my life in massive ways every time I practice. Even if just through the smallest adjustment in breath, thought or posture. While yoga is a personal journey and I’m always traveling on my personal journey through yoga, it is also shared and I LOVE TEACHING and introducing others to yoga and helping them along their journey! I want to share with as many souls as I can reach (and teach) the amazing ways in which yoga can transform a life for I am forever learning, evolving and falling deeper in love with this movement, this meditation and this medicine.”

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