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Airport Workout

I’ve always wanted to do one of these and I finally did! This is a great little heart lift that you can do in the airport between flights, before an early flight to wake up or just in your home with a chair or bench. Here’s the workout…

EMOM - Every minute on the minute. Do 45 seconds/rest 15 seconds and on to the next exercise! Do however many rounds you want and take breaks during the 45 seconds if needed to reset your form.

This is an 8 min workout if you do one round…

*Tricep push-ups - try to touch your chest to the chair

*Incline walk ups - keep your hands under your shoulders

*Tricep dips - butt close to the bench

*One leg squats - bend one leg and focus on squatting the leg that’s down. You can lift one leg totally up for a pistol squat.

*Repeat the other leg!

*Bench tap jump squats - tap that booty to the chair and jump squat

*Incline plank rocks - butt down, abs tight

*Incline plank jacks

You can also find it On Demand from the homepage. Happy sweating!!

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