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Redefinition - The Wandering Workout

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Hi. It’s me, Megan. And the Wandering Workout, and this is my 46748 attempt at entrepreneurship. Just kidding, kind of.

I promised myself after my last venture that I wouldn’t do anything else, but I don’t really think this is something new for me, it’s more of an extension of what I’ve been doing for years. It’s a culmination of my loves… fitness, travel, food, writing, and anything remotely to do with those four things.

The last few years changed life for pretty much everyone. It did for me. I packed up and moved to the Florida Keys after being in Nashville for 15 years. I felt a bit stuck in Nashville for awhile, honestly. I used to dream of another life I would have outside of the city, but leaving a business that took years to build is easier said than done. I had built a business and a name for myself in both the music and fitness businesses, had a community of workout clients that I loved, had a platinum record hanging on my wall, had great friends, saw people I knew everywhere, lived in my favorite neighborhood... Life was good. Or was it?

Was I really happy?

Once the pandemic hit, I knew I couldn’t sit in Nashville through it. The plans I made in that city shut down along with the world. So, I shut down my in person business, left my core group of friends, closed the door to the little house on Paris Avenue I had lived in for 12 years and hit the road down to Florida in my beat up silver 2008 Jeep Wrangler with my dog Lulu Lemon. I packed clothes, bathing suits, toiletries, a Keurig coffee maker, a few kitchen essentials and left with an open heart, no plans and zero expectations. What would I do? Where would I land? Well, I’m still answering those questions.

I have been a fitness instructor and personal trainer for 22 years all over the country, and I’ve coached running the last 7 years. When the pandemic hit, all of my clients switched to virtual training sessions and together we have realized just how beautifully powerful the internet can be. Some clients I have never even met in person, but I love them. Some clients I re-connected with that relocated to different states. Now, miles don’t matter. Over the two years I’ve had nine pregnant clients… 6 have had their munchkins and we are waiting on 5 more (yes, 2 sets of twins!!) . Together, all of my clients and I have lived, loved, celebrated, grieved and created all online. We have stayed safe, healthy and have spent time together virtually everywhere. My clients have cut down on travel time and excuses now, working out from their back porches, their extra bedrooms or their kitchens while I may be on the beach or in a foreign country. We have stayed together apart.

The pandemic years taught me more than I would have ever imagined…. What I thought happiness meant and what it truly means to me… Who the world says I should be versus who I really am… What I thought I needed to live happily and what I really need to live happily (which isn’t much). I’ve adapted, searched, cried, smiled, dove, and driven my way through this unexpected time in history.

Many people have chosen to go back to gyms and in person training, but some have realized what a life-changer it is to log on, sweat, laugh, log off and continue life. No driving, no lost time, still as much connection as ever minus us having to clean a gym up for the next person. :)

Life is forward movement. Let’s keep moving together.

Life is experiences and memories. Let’s make some together even if we aren’t in the same space.

Come along with me as I bop around the country, or even the world. I might stay in one place for awhile, and I might not, but I’ll be bringing you a workout with a new backdrop, maybe a good eat (definitely not always healthy) and sharing a tidbit of my moment in wherever I may be.

Welcome to the wandering workout.

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