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Paradise Found - Roatan, Honduras

This is the second year in a row that I have gone to Honduras with Neptune Divers from Nashville, TN. We basically eat, dive, eat, dive, sleep and repeat for 5 days. What more could you ever want?!

I fell in love with Roatan after visiting last year for the dive trip in 2021. The waters are crystal clear, the turtles abundant and the reefs are so healthy and grandiose. "Spectacular" is the only word we could decide that accurately depicts the diving in Roatan. You can be 110ft down on a wreck, then the next few minutes be surrounded by canyons of lush, heathy reef that tower up on both sides of you. It's incredible.

We ended up up with a group of GREAT people this year. Everyone was stellar divers and so much fun. After being a boat and diving with people for a week, peeing together in the water and experiencing sights that you will soon not forget, you can't help but make lifelong friends. Not to mention our resort had karaoke one night and I did Britney Spears... you have a special bond after all of that.

We stayed at the Mayan Princess, which is an all inclusive resort that includes food, drinks, stay and your dives. We had 16 dives in 5 days including one night dive, and the divemaster guiding us and the captain were superb. They took us to see miles of starfish, find seahorse after seahorse, meet turtles left and right... I don't think any of the divers will forget a few of the dives we had. One dive we did a 5 minute swim through which opened into a field of turtle grass followed by a bait ball of fish and a garden of jellyfish. Another dive, called Dolphin's Den, on the north part of the island, was a cave swim through. The water the in cave was warm and we were surrounded by walls of lobster and mossy structures covers the cavern walls. We truly were immersed in an alien world and we were all fine with it.

We went for diving, yes, but we skipped an afternoon dive to go over to West End to eat at one of my favorite places on earth and the restaurant that has definitely THE BEST CINNAMON BUN YOU WILL EVER PUT IN YOUR MOUTH...drumroll please - Sandy Buns. You heard me, Sandy Buns. It's owned by a couple from Texas - Chantel and Tim, and their cinnamon bun is one of the best things I've ever eaten in my time here on earth. All of their food is fabulous, but it's a bakery y'all, go get yourself a bun or some homemade coconut bread and let it change your life. Make sure if you go to West End to also check out Ginger's across the street - it's a great bar (also owned by a Texan - yeehaw) on the beach.

Roatan has a special place in my heart. It's just a beautiful, simple paradise with lovely people and some of the best diving around, and I will mostly definitely be back. Check out my workout from Roatan on the On Demand tab or HERE. It's a great workout to do if you're at the beach or even if you just wish you were at the beach. :).

I'll leave you with one of my favorite moments of the trip so you can channel the peaceful sea turtle while you're sweating through the workout. Here's to finding paradise y'all!

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